The 8th International Congress on Noise as a Public Health Problem


Plenary Team 1: Noise-induced hearing loss
Smoorenburg Damage risk with impulse noise exposure
Dancer Protection and communication in extreme environments
Henderson Biological bases of NIHL
Sisto Early detection of NIHL cochlear damage
Morata Noise, toxins and the auditory system
Plenary Team 2: Noise and communication
Abel Effects of habitual noise exposure on hearing and speech communication
Laroche Standards for hearing-critical jobs
Brammer Intelligence in active communication headsets
Edworthy Urgency in speech warnings
Sust (&Lazarus) Influence of speaker, experimental condition and rating of speech quality
Plenary Team 3: Non-auditory physiological effects
Stansfeld Physiological effects of noise: five years review
Matsui The Okinawa study: effect of chronic aircraft noise exposure on birth weight, prematurity and intrauterine growth retardation
Maschke Stress caused by traffic noise; high blood pressure
Babisch Traffic noise and myocardial infarction
Bluhm Road traffic noise and myocardial infarction
Plenary Team 4: Influence of noise on performance and behavior
Stansfeld Aircraft and road traffic noise children's cognition and health: preliminary results on dose response relationships from the RANCH study
Smith Noise, accidents minor injuries and cognitive failures
Hygge Reduction of activity noise in classrooms
Enmarker Irrelevant speech, attention and memory of teachers
Boman Irrelevant speech, attention and memory of pupils
Plenary Team 5: Effects of noise on sleep
Griefahn Noise and sleep: present state and future needs
Skanberg Sleep disturbance by noise: laboratory experiment on road traffic and ventilation noise
Passchier Vermeer Aircraft noise and sleep: study in the Netherlands
Samel Effects of nocturnal aircraft noise
Plenary Team 6: Community response
Gjestland Progress report on Team 6 related activities
Schulte Fortkamp The relevance of soundscape research to the assesment of annoyance at the community level
Job A model of responses to changes in noise exposure
Borst Comparison of noise quality indicators
Lercher Annoyance,disturbance and severances in children exposed to traffic noise
Parallel 6a: Community response
Brown Criteria for outdoor soundscapes
de Coensel Classification of soundscapes; based on dynamics
Derbal Design of urban spaces; sonic instruments
Guski Predict future annoyance in planning
Derbal Multidisciplinair approach to noise nuisance in urban areas
Vassiliev Transport noise affection to housing estates
Parallel 5a: Noise and sleep
Sisma Dynamic range of ambient noise and sleep
Finegold Sleep disturbance due to transportation noise
Hume Sleep disturbance due to introduced aircraft noise
Samel Nocturnal aircraft noise; 64 subjects, 832 lab nights
Svensson Road traffic noise and sleep
Vos On the relevance of shooting-noise–induced sleep disturbance and noise zoning
Parallel 1a: Hearing loss
Boasson Sound levels in the Netherlands ballet orchestra
Mercier Sound exposure of the audience at music festivals
Ouis Possible hazards using radio in noisy places
Sala Noise exposure NIHL care center teachers
Alves-Pereira Occupational exposure to LF noise
Arezes Risk perception and hearing protection use
Parallel 3a: Non-auditory effects
Sharp Intense LF noise effects on humans
Sloven Effects of LF noise on humans
Castelo Branco Effect of LF noise on rat trachea
Reis Ferreira Diagnosis of vibro-acoustic disease; Report
Araujo Echocardiograms in vibroacoustic disease
Castelo Branco Homeostasis in airline pilots
Workshop: Aircraft noise
Huettenmoser New aircraft noise in living areas; introduction of the local soundscape model
Kabuto Noise and health in the vicinity of Tokyo airport
Wirth Aircraft noise annoyance around the airport of Zurich-Kloten
van Wiechen Complaining about aircraft noise around Schiphol
Lambert Annoyance from leisure aviation noise
Jansen (& Griefahn) Aircraft noise; protection of residents
Plenary Team 7: Noise and animals
Kull Noise effects on animals; 1998-2002 review
Hastings Physiological effects of noise on fishes
Waterman Disturbance of meadow birds by railway noise in the Netherlands
Hastings Marine mammal safety criteria
Bowles Effects of jet aircraft noise on Mexican spotted owls
Plenary Team 9: Standards and regulations
Oliva Theory for determining limiting values
van den Berg Elements for night time noise regulations
Vallet Lmax at night: supplementary index to the EU directive at noise
Vindevogel Night noise criteria for Brussels airport
Huettenmoser Night-time regulations for leisure time noise
Parallel 3b: Non-auditory physiological effects
Keil Chronic noise and infarction; NaRoMi study
van Wiechen Environmental health around Schiphol
Davies Noise and acute MI mortality in a sawmill cohort
van Kempen Road traffic and aircraft noise exposure and children’s blood pressure
Wellens Occupational noise and symptons of ill-health
Zhao Effects of Hearings susceptability for noise-induced hypertension in fertilizer manufacturer workers
Parallel 4a: Performance and behaviour
Gunnarsson Psychological restoration in noise-exposed children
Staatsen Health impacts of transportation noise with a focus on children
Celik Influence of recording/playback technique on subject responses
Bengtsson Is pleasant LF noise also less annoying?
Birlik Low level noise complaints of academic staff
Parallel 6b: Community response
Finegold Community annoyance due to transportation noise
Griefahn Quiet traffic; multicenter research on the effects of noise
Arsenio Response to roadtraffic noise;the value of quiet
van Kamp Response to changed noise exposure
Kogan Annoyance caused by different noise spectra
Masden English and Japanese annoyance scales
Parallel 2: Communication
Beuving Intelligibilty of PA systems in trains
Ericson NIHL and localisation
Giguere Warning sound perception model software
Giguere Hearing standards: fisheries in Canada
Parallel 4b: Performance and behaviour
Lopez-Barrio Aircraft noise and Long-term memory (RANCH)
Matheson Noise and school performance (RANCH)
Clark Noise and reading attention (RANCH)
van Kamp Annoyance reactions to air- and road traffic noise of schoolchildren, their parents and teachers
Hiramatsu Okinawa study: aircraft noise; memory
Soeta Annoyance and brain activity
Parallel 9: Standards and regulations
Staatsen HEARTS: EC-project health impact of transport
Wilkening Environmental noise control in New Zealand
Milford Regulation limits of noise from traffic and industry
Henry Noise and sustainable development
Parallel 6c: Community response
Finegold Updated EIAP methodology
Morley Social staus of aircraft noise complainers
Ohrstrom Adverse effects of road traffic noise; comparison between young children and adults
Pedersen Wind turbine noise dose-response relations
Broner LF HVAC noise assessment
Parallel 1b: Hearing loss
Lee Compensation and prevention of occupational deafness in Hong Kong
Jordan Hearing of occupational motorcyclists
Burgess Improved noise management on building sites
Henderson Combined effects; biological requirements for noise interactions
Sliwinska Kowalska Hearing loss in styrene-exposed workers
Lousa Rat cochlea exposure to LF noise
Parallel 6d: Community response
Henry Brisbane community noise survey 1998
Morihara Distance and road/railway noise annoyance
Jeon Noise annoyance modifiers in Korea
Botteldooren Noise annoyance and coping; soft analysis
Derbal Privacy in the living environment: sonic phenomena
Parallel 5b: Noise and sleep
Samel Nocturnal aircraft noise; lab and field studies
Samel Nocturnal aircraft noise;number of events and level
Brink Seismosomnography as a new ambulant monitoring system of physiogical reactions to noise during sleep
Persson Waye Cortisol response and subjective sleep disturbance after low frequency noise exposure
Samel Stress hormones and nocturnal aircraft noise
Samel Nocturnal aircraft noise and daytime performance


Kuramoto K Estimation of underwater noise exposure limit
Oimatsu K A study of weighting underwater sound scale
Alves-Pereira M Ciliated cells, cochlear cilia & low frequency noise
Sulkowski WJ Otoacoustic emissions and high-frequency audiometry in the assessment of noise-induced hearing loss
Sulkowski WJ Hearing screening in industrial workers by means of mobile audiological unit "audiobus"
Castelo Branco NAA In utero low frequency noise exposure in rats - I
Castelo Branco NAA In utero low frequency noise exposure in rats - II
Castelo Branco NAA Pericardial cellular death in vibroacoustic disease
Castelo Branco NAA Low frequency noise and intra-cellular edema
Castelo Branco NAA Pericardial features in vibroacoustic disease patients
Goto K A study on aircraft noise, annoyance and health around an airport
Oliveira MJR Changes of the bronchial lining of rats caused by noise
Reis Ferreira J The human lung and pleura in vibroacoustic disease
Reis Ferreira J The human trachea in vibroacoustic disease
Schwarze S Physiological response as an indicator of sound quality
Michaud DS Differential impact of an audiogenic stressor on Lewis and Fischer rats
Falchi S Noise mapping in the operating room
Ali SA Road traffic noise as a public health problem in greater Cairo, Egypt
Sato T Relationships between rating scales, question stem wording, and community responses to railway noise
Wong TW The effects of community noise on the health of Hong Kong residents: a pilot study
Yano T Annoyance scales in Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese
Curcuruto S Noise impact on workers and population health