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Electricity use by wind turbines

Detailed and well referenced examination by Vic Mason and the Danish Society of Windmill Neighbors

Follow-up paper by Mason

Technicalities of wind as a power source, with energy consumption data

Conversions between and explanations of energy units

"Wind Energy Report 2004," Eon Netz, Germany

Why wind-generated power can not usefully contribute to the grid and only causes greater problems, including the use of more "conventional" fuel

"Impact of Wind Power Generation in Ireland on the Operation of Conventional Plant and the Economic Implications," ESB National Grid, Ireland (172-KB PDF): "The cost of CO2 abatement arising from using large levels of wind energy penetration appears high relative to other alternatives."

How wind power generators in the U.K. get paid over 3 times what they actually sell their electricity for

Long-term plans for energy use and emissions reduction by both the U.K. and the U.S. governments do not mention wind (article in Spanish)

Danish government's National Environmental Research Institute: 2003 greenhouse gas emissions increased 7.3% over 2002 levels

Photos: California and Germany everywhere

Report on Searsburg (Vt.) plant's poor record

Wind power's minuscule impact on CO2 emissions

U.N.-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Technical Paper showing wind power's miniscule part in the mitigation of CO2 release

Photos and diagrams: size of industrial wind turbines

Specifications of popular industrial wind turbines

Photos: destruction on Cefn Croes, Wales

Photos: installation of towers

List of the areas covered by some facilities

Average turbine tower kills 20-40 birds each year (article in Spanish)

Continuing research of the high rate of bats killed

Visitor to the Backbone Mountain (W.Va.) facility (also here): "I looked around me, to a place where months before had been prime country for deer, wild turkey, and yes, black bear, to see positively no sign of any of the animals about at all. This alarmed me, so I scouted in the woods that afternoon. All afternoon, I found no sign, sight, or peek of any animal about."

"Our Wind Farm Story," by Pam Foringer, Fenner, N.Y.

Horses who are completely calm around traffic and heavy construction become very upset when they approach wind turbines

"Important factors when planning a wind farm," Retexo-RISP-Marketing, Germany

"Windfarm blows house value away"

Study by Lincoln Township (Wis.) of the many ill effects of the local turbines.

"Wind farms make people sick who live up to a mile away," Telegraph (U.K.), January 25 (registration required)

Issues of icing, noise, and structural damage and failure, particularly as they determine setback requirements, extensively documented

Documentation of accidents, with photos

Extensive documentation of accidents

"Windfarms -- an ecological and human disaster in the making"

In the U.S., 61.5% of the energy used is "lost," i.e., only 38.5% of the energy consumed is actually extracted

Country Guardian: includes thorough summary of the case against industrial wind power, many views from people alarmed at and who have experienced the destruction, and links to other groups fighting industrial wind installations

National Wind Watch: U.S. coalition of groups and individuals

More than 300 groups around the world listed at Protect the Flint Hills

U.K.-based clearinghouse for news, resources, and discussion at (dead link)

Good series of newsletters and other publications from Views of Scotland

Information specific to off-shore siting of wind towers at Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound and SafeWind, and Wind Stop.

Archives of The Caledonian-Record (Vt.)

Good letters here, here, and here

Good editorial from Burlington (Vt.) Free Press

Letters and commentary compiled by the Burlington Free Press

Glebe Mountain Group: extensive lists of on-line resources

Excellent letter from Kansas about the corporate piracy behind large-scale wind development

Weblog primarily focused on wind power

Comments about proposed East Haven, Vt., wind project and projects in Vermont in general

Letter to the Manchester (Vt.) Journal, by Hugh Kemper, and response by Andrew Perchlik (director of Enxco-funded Renewable Energy Vermont), with annotations

"Wind turbine noise," a themed sequence of sonnets by Gail Atkinson-Mair

"How to fight the big wind onslaught," by Calvin Luther Martin

List of large wind projects targeting Vermont

List of wind energy storage projects

Vermonters with Vision

Response to criticism by Mark Diesendorf

"Questioning the faith of wind power," by David Roberson -- an environmentalist view

"Industrial wind, corporate vandalism," by Joanna Lake -- a progressive view

"Big money discovers the tax breaks for wind energy," by Glenn Schleede -- a fiscal conservative view

"A Problem With Wind Power"