Large wind projects in Vermont

This is a list of industrial-scale wind projects in Vermont. Note the huge leap in size from the original Searsburg facility to the later facilities built and being planned. If you have information to add to or amend this list, please contact AWEO.

Last updated November 7, 2022.

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size data provided [click here for a guide to units]:

Related:  Public Service Board Proposed Rule on Sound from Wind Generation Facilities (Rule 5.700)

On Nov. 22, 2017, Vermont imposed a 42 dBA noise limit 95% of the time 100 ft from nonparticipating residences during the day (7am–9pm), 39 dBA at night (9pm–7am; with the goal of achieving an interior sound level of ≤30 dB)

Existing: [jump to planned]

Readsboro & Searsburg (Searsburg expansion) ~~ bought from Enxco by PPM Energy [Scottish Power (Iberdrola [Spain])]; dba Deerfield Wind (Avangrid Renewables)

Georgia Mountain (Milton, Georgia) ~~ Georgia Mountain Community Wind: David Blittersdorf [purchased from H.W. Ventures (Jim Harrison, Harrison Concrete Const. and Redi-Mix Corp.), Cross Consulting Engineers (Peter Cross), & Addison Consulting (Steve Terry), Strategic Initiatives for Business (Steven Bourgeois), Vermont Environmental Research Associates (John Zimmerman & Martha Staskus); sale agent: Dinse Knapp & McAndrew, Burlington (Vt. Speaker of the House Shap Smith's firm)]; landowners: Harrison family, Green Crow (timberland investment and management service) — purchased by Greenbacker Renewable Energy Dec. 2017

Lowell Mountain ~~ Kingdom Community Wind (Trip Wileman), Vermont Electric Cooperative, Green Mountain Power (owned by Gaz Métro [Québec]) (original developer Enxco, rights bought by PPM Energy [dba Atlantic Wind], subsidiary of Scottish Power, owned by Iberdrola [Spain])

Sheffield (Granby Mtn. & Libby Hill)
~~ Brookfield Renewable Partners (Brookfield Asset Management; takeover of Sunedison 2017); previous: Terraform Power (subsidiary of Sunedison, bankrupt 2016); originally: First Wind (a.k.a. UPC Wind Partners) (Matthew Kearns, Tim & Brian Caffyn, Peter Gish; UPC Group [Italy]) (Madison Dearborn Partners [Chicago] and D.E. Shaw [N.Y.]), landowner Meadowsend Timberlands [N.H.]

Searsburg (1996) ~~ Enxco [Électricité de France] & Green Mountain Power [Vt.]


Swanton (near St. Albans) (Ashley and Travis Belisle)

Lowell Mountain, Eden ~~ BNE Energy (West Hartford, Conn., Paul Corey)

Ricker Mountain (Bolton) ~~ Green Mountain Clean Energy (Ed Flanagan)

East Haven, Ferdinand, Brighton ~~ EMDC [Vt.] (Mathew Rubin & Dave Rapaport)

Dutch Hill (Heartwellville) ~~ Noble Environmental Power [J.P Morgan] (John Zimmerman, Vermont Environmental Research Associates)

Washington ~~ Horizon [Energias de Portugal] (with Tetra Tech? Outland Renewable Energy?)

Cold Hollow Mountains (Belvidere, Bakersfield)~~ Disgen [Colo.] (Dale Osborn), Vt. consultant Christine Donovan; Osborn denies that he or Disgen were ever involved in this project

Sustainably Priced Energy Development (SPEED) "Standard Offer" (feed-in tariff) program

Stamford ~~ Norwich Solar Technologies (Martha Staskus)

Bolton Valley Ski Resort ~~ Mountain Operations & Development (Larry Williams) - Catamount/Bolton Wind 2

Chimney Hill (Wilmington) ~~ Chimney Hill Homeowners Association, Alteris Renewables (Wilton, Conn., Nils Behn) - Chimney Hill Wind

Coventry ~~ New England Waste Services of Vermont (Larry Lackey) - Casella Coventry Wind

Dynapower (South Burlington)

Gilman ~~ Ampersand Gilman Energy [Ampersand Energy Partners (Boston, Mass., Lutz Loegter)]

Hillcrest Farm (Coventry) ~~ Windcrest Power (Michael Rogers)

Hurricane Hill (White River Junction)

Jacksonville ~~ Southport Power (Joseph McLean) - New Boston Wind Farm

Lemington Solar Farm ~~ Craig Kieny

LeTourneau Wind ~~ Encore Redevelopment (Burlington, Vt., Chad Farrell) , Bluewave Capital (Boston, Mass., John DeVillars), Alteris Renewables (Wilton, Conn., Nils Behn)

Lowell Mountain, Eden ~~ BNE Energy (West Hartford, Conn., Paul Corey)

Northeast Mountain (Wells) ~~ Sergei Kniazev, Olga Julinska

Poultney ~~ Southport Power (Joseph McLean) - Poultney State Line Wind

Stratton Mountain ~~ Stratton Planning Commission

Grandview Farm (Derby Line, Bryan and Susan Davis) ~~ Encore Redevelopment (Burlington, Vt., Chad Farrell), Bluewave Capital (Boston, Mass., John DeVillars), Alteris Renewables (Wilton, Conn., Nils Behn)

Smugglers Hill Farm (Holland, Jonathan and Jayne Chase) ~~ Encore Redevelopment (Burlington, Vt., Chad Farrell) , Bluewave Capital (Boston, Mass., John DeVillars), Alteris Renewables (Wilton, Conn., Nils Behn)

Mt. Snow (Dover)

Stamford ~~ Jacksonville Energy Park (Gabe Selig)

In the wings:

“From my point of view it is simply a matter of time. We are just relaxing and paying our taxes.”
—Mathew Rubin (Times-Argus, Feb. 25, 2007)

Grandpa’s Knob, Castleton (David Blittersdorf, Grandpa’s Knob Community Wind; Sam Carlson, agent)

Dairy Air Farm (School Road, Holland, Brian and Kim Champney) ~~ Allearth Renewables (David Blittersdorf), VERA Renewables

Kidder Hill, Lowell ~~ Kidder Hill Community Wind (David Blittersdorf)

Windham/Grafton (Stiles Brook Wind) ~~ Avangrid Renewables (Iberdrola [Spain]) (agent Jenny Briot), landowner Meadowsend Timberlands [N.H.]

Little Equinox Mountain (Manchester) ~~ Manchester Community Wind Farm (Endless Energy [Me.] (Harley Lee))

East Mountain (East Haven) ~~ Vermont Public Power Supply Authority (original developer EMDC [Mathew Rubin & Dave Rapaport]: permit denied July 17, 2006, for 4 × 1.5 MW = 6 MW "demonstration" project)

Northfield Ridge (Waitsfield) ~~ Citizens Energy (Randy Male)

Northfield Ridge (Moretown) ~~ Citizens Energy (Randy Male)

Ferdinand, Brighton, Newark ~~ Seneca Mountain Wind (Eolian Renewable Energy [Portsmouth, N.H.]; Jack and Drew Kensworthy), Nordex [Germany], and landowner Dan Ouimette [Colebrook, N.H.]

Grandpa's Knob (West Rutland, Castleton, Hubbardton, Pittsford) ~~ Reunion Power (Manchester, Vt., Steve Eisenberg)

Ira, West Rutland, Poultney (Mt. Herrick [Susie's Peak and sites in Tinmouth, Clarendon, and Middletown Springs abandoned due to local opposition]) ~~ Vermont Community Wind Farm (Per White-Hansen & Joan Warshaw, Charlotte; Jeff Wennberg, Rutland; investor/operator Enel [Italy]); Noble office in Rutland closed Jan. 2009; registered Jan. 10, 2009

Glebe Mountain (Londonderry and Windham) ~~ Volkswind (Germany; Michael Easton) [original developer (47.5 MW) Catamount Energy (Bob Charlebois) (Diamond Castle Holdings [N.Y.] & Marubeni Power International [Japan]; purchased by Duke Energy June 2008)]

Kirby Mountain ~~ Enxco [Électricité de France] (John Zimmerman, Vermont Environmental Research Associates)

Umpire Mountain (Victory) ~~ Enxco [Électricité de France] (John Zimmerman, Vermont Environmental Research Associates)

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