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Dedicated to education and advocacy
regarding the impact of industrial wind power
on the economics, natural resources, and health of Vermont

Save our ridgelines!
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Industrial wind projects in Vermont

Operating, approved, and proposed.

Wind Issues in Vermont

Wind Turbine Impact Complaint Form

"The Not-So-Green Mountains"

"Lessons for Sheffield: Experiences with UPC/First Wind and Clipper in Cohocton, New York"

"Impacts of Wind Power on the Northfield Ridge"

"Dear Representative Klein" (chair, house committee for natural resources and energy)

"Why giant corporate industrial wind is a terrible idea for Vermont"

Illustration of size

Notes from Searsburg

UPC's disinformation campaign in Sheffield & Sutton

Clearance for and construction of wind turbine, Mars Hill, Maine

W I N D   P O W E R   F A C T S

Tell your legislators and administrators !

Write to the newspaper !

A L L I E D   G R O U P S

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Energize Vermont
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Vermont Neighbors Project

Vermonters for a Clean Environment
» You Tube channel

Swanton Wind

Grafton Woodlands Group

Friends of Windham
» Newsletter, Spring 2014

Friends of Grafton’s Heritage

Irasburg Ridgeline Alliance

Citizens for Responsible Energy -- Holland

Mountain Talk -- Lowell Mountain

Craftsbury Conservation Commission

Grandpa's Knob Wind Project -- Pittsford Ridge

Ira Wind

Save Our Senecas

Save the Senecas -- Newark, Brighton, and Ferdinand

Newark Neighbors United

Brighton Ridge Protectors

Friends of Glebe Mountain -- Londonderry and Windham

Glebe Mountain Group

Citizens for the Preservation of Georgia Mountain

Holland and Derby Citizens for Responsible Energy

Ridge Protectors -- Sheffield and Sutton

Save Vermont Ridgelines -- Searsburg, Readsboro, and Wilmington

Friends of the Northfield Ridge -- Waitsfield and Moretown

Kingdom Commons Group

S E L E C T E D   P A P E R S

"The low benefit of industrial wind" by Eric Rosenbloom
a brief summary of documents

"Questioning the faith of wind power," by David Roberson
an environmentalist view

"Industrial wind, corporate vandalism," by Joanna Lake
a progressive view

"Big money discovers the tax breaks," by Glenn Schleede
a fiscal conservative view

O T H E R   R E S O U R C E S

U.S. coalition of opposition groups
(with current worldwide news and opinion and resource library )
(also see latest Vermont news and opinion )

Country Guardian
the original British opposition group

Articles by Mark Duchamp
with special attention to birds

Report by John Mollica
setback, icing, structural failure, noise

"An Ill Wind," by Nigel Barnes
extensive compilation of arguments

Out of Kirby Mountain
a Vermont blog often focused on wind power
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